There are three (3) types of subscription with HRTeamware: Pay-as-you-Go, Discounted multi-year subscription and a Site License.

Type One-off or Recurring fee Monthly Per Registered User
Base Rate, Pay-as-you-Go
  1. USD 1,500.00 one time.
USD 6.00 per registered user.
Bi-Annual Reservation Fee
  1. Waived regular one-time fees.
  2. Pay a USD2,500.00 reservation fee at the beginning of each 2-year period.
Only USD 2.50 per registered user.

This means if you have 100 users you will have an effective savings of 37%+ on the first year -- more in the following year -- and if you have a larger employee base.
Site License
  1. A one-time of USD 2,000.00 for the installation and setup of HRTeamware.
  2. A monthly fee of USD 500.00 will be charged for the remote monitoring and support of HRTeamware in your company provided servers.
  3. Optional Bi-Annual Reservation Fee.
Monthly user fees can either be Pay-as-You-Go or discounted with the Bi-Annual Reservation Fee.

- Note that fees do not include charges for customization or custom integration.
- No minimum subscription period required. However, one-time and reservation fees are non-refundable.

To request for more information or a custom proposal please send as an email at