HRTeamware™ is a cloud-based HR automation platform that makes it easy to manage 10, a thousand or even tens of thousands of employees across different geographical sites and timezones!

Automated Scheduling.

HRTeamware™ makes it easy to create schedule templates for your entire organization. You can specify logging methods such as FIFO, FILO, Auto and Flex enabling you to create schedules for the different types of personnel in your organization. Default Schedules are assigned to employees and you can even set the date range for the assignment, allowing you to set the schedules in advance. Ad-hoc Schedules, which needs to be approved by a Supervisor, can be also be set allowing interim schedule changes. Once set, the schedule is used by the system to generate the online Calendar and as a basis for attendance attribution. Somebody was not paid because of a scheduling error? simply update the schedule which covers the dates in question and generate the Daily Time Record again.

Leaves Management.

Filing leaves, OB, OT etc in HRTeamware™ is easy. A secure online form is provided allowing employees to make a leave application. Once applied for, an email is sent to one (or more supervisors) for action. To ensure that the particular application has enough leave credits available -- for example in the case of Vacation time-off or Medical/Sick Leaves -- the supervisors will be informed of the number of credits available for that particular leave type. Employees can view their availed leaves and balances allowing them to easily track their availments. Supervisors can also view reports to show the projected manpower expected to be on-site on any given date.

Flexible Business Rules.

We understand that each company have different policies when it comes to scheduling and time-keeping. With HRTeamware™ you can customize your HRTeamware™ instance in many ways. For example you can change the default Night Pay or Differential time range, change the per leave type application lead-time (and post hoc) or specify Time-In grace periods among others. If necessary we can customize your HRTeamware™ for a really unique business rule.

Web-based Time In and Time Out.

If you do not have or do not wish to use a hardware-based attendance capture system like a biometric or proximity card reader, you can use HRTeamware's™ Web-based Time-IN and Time-OUT facility. Available from within your HRTeamware™ instance, this allows employees to Time Out and Time Out without the need for additional hardware. To ensure that these actions are done within the company premises, you can specify the Public IP Address of your offices' internet gateway. This way the web-based attendance capture will only accept attendance actions if the employee is accessing HRTeamware™ from within your network.

Integrate with your hardware-based attendance capture system.

If you have an existing hardware-based attendance capture system like biometrics or proximity-card readers then we should be able to integrate them with HRTeamware™. As long as the hardware saves the attendance records in a common database format then we, or your in-house programmer, can customize the HRTeamware™ Remote Application Programming Interface (API) so it can access the attendance records and send these to your HRTeamware™ instance. This works really well even if you have several branches or sites and each having their own hardware-based attendance capture. It means that once configured, you can already centralize your attendance and time-keeping via your HRTeamware™ instance.

Accurate attendance attribution.

All attendance and leave attribution reports generated by HRTeamware™ are based on the following: the existence of an applicable schedule and the presence of attendance logs or leaves. HRTeamware™ uses these items to calculate, on-demand, the attributable attendance (in seconds) and its appropriate type(e.g. be it Regular Schedule or Regular Schedule with Rendered Overtime). Employees, Supervisors and the HR department can easily see the basis of the summarized Daily Time Records (DTR) so issues due to scheduling and other human-factors can be easily identified and rectified prior to payroll cut-off.

Consolidated Calendar.

HRTeamware™ allows your Employees to view their schedules, actual attendance log, leaves (both new and approved ones) and even holidays as set by your company in one consolidated calendar. This makes it easy to plan as well as to identify discrepancies with their attendance which may have an effect on payroll.

Built-in Collaboration Tool.

HRTeamware™ also includes a collaboration tool. The HRTeamware™ Calendar allows your employees to create their own Journal Entries, Events and To-Do's. They can even add participants for Events and To-Do's which can be used for project management and ad-hoc collaboration requirements. Documents can be shared between project members and also includes a GANTT-chart detailing the deliverables and timelines of each project participant.